Why cooking works so well as a teambuilding event

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Why cooking works so well as a teambuilding event

At a recent Strictly Come Dining event that I attended it struck me just how very effective getting people together to cook, and then eat what they had just made, was such a great team building event. We were working at one of my favourite venues The Great Barn at Aynho, a venue we regularly use for outside events as well as indoor teambuilding activities. If you need a great venue just north of Oxford and in easy reach of the M40 then take a look at this.

Nothing is required from the client or venue as we can now bring in everything required for the cooking including all the fresh ingredients as well as the ovens and other items required by the teams. All the venue has to provide is the tables and chairs plus the place settings for the meal.

Led by experienced chefs and assistants the group was divided into smaller teams and tasked with making different parts of the meal ie starter, main course and dessert. With clear guidance on what to do as well as a knife handling and sharpening workshop there was just one thing missing…a drink to get the process off to a great start!

The preparation and cooking took about 2 hours during which the teams worked closely together and there was much fun and laughter along the way. This was a joint Anglo/Dutch gathering and this style of event an easily work across pan-European and pan-global audiences.

The highlight of the event of course is sitting down and eating the meal along with the various banter, criticism and praise for not only your own efforts but those of your colleagues in other teams. Marks are awarded by the chefs throughout so a winning team can be declared if required.

What other options are available?

Being mobile has many great advantages and means we are able to cater (literally!) for business meetings and conferences at the point of the meeting but there are many in situ cooking schools that offer great experiences and Venturis Table and Underground Cookery School come to mind.

It’s not just cooking that works either. We run very successful Baking events as well as Ice Cream Making and Sushi events so plenty of choice to whet your appetite!

What do cooking events cost?

By the very nature of requiring skilled chefs plus all the cooking equipment required cooking events are at the top end of the spend spectrum and you should expect to spend from £60.00 – £100.00 per person plus vat.

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