Corporate Team Building Activities

//Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate Team Building Activities

Ah, team building! Those three syllables can make you feel equal parts dread and annoyance, but don’t be so quick to groan or roll your eyes!

Team-building activities at work can and should be fun. Read on for 50 of our favourite events that anyone in a corporate environment can enjoy.

Company Picnic

Food, drink, sunshine – what’s not to love about picnics? Whether you host one in a lovely park or on your office’s front lawn, sharing food and conversation is always a good way to strengthen relationships.



Community Service

Working together to make a difference in the community can really be exciting. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, clean up a park, plant trees, or lend a hand at a children’s hospital. It’ll also look good on your company that you’re choosing to spend your free time partaking in pursuits like this.


Block Sculpture

With nothing more than a few sets of children’s playing blocks, why not challenge your employees to build an exact replica of a pre-existing sculpture? Pop on over here for more details.



Blindfold Tent Build

Pitching a tent is hard to begin with; throw in some blindfolds, and you’re in for a challenging activity that emphasises verbal communication and collaboration, since only one person per group will be without a blindfold.


Ice Cream Making

Ice cream. Enough said, we think.




Plane Crash

This team-building activity, which again utilises blindfolds, will see how well your employees can work within a limited time frame while trying to flag down a rescue plane.




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a detective or crime scene investigator? Well, now you don’t have to wonder!.



Haka Energiser

Nothing quite says ‘destressing’ like a lively war cry session! Led by authentic Maori Haka warriors, put some pep in your step with vigorous body movements, feet-stamping, and dance moves.


Organisational Jenga

What’s better than Jenga? Why, corporate Jenga, of course! Blocks marked with company hierarchies will show the importance of each department when stacked together.



Wherever you may be in the country, there’s sure to be an art class to tickle your creative side. Painting, especially, provides an excellent bonding experience, especially for beginner painters.



Human Shapes

For loads of laughter, split your employees up in small groups and ask them to form letters of the alphabet with their bodies. The challenge gets more intense as the alphabet turns into words, and words turn into short sentences.



Escape Games

Morale running low in the offices? Get the adrenaline pumping with escape-the-room games!



Self-Run GPS Challenge

Walk through your city with your work pals and your phones. In this self-run GPS challenge, you have the option of exploring your region, catching a spy, or answering pub trivia (while visiting local pubs!).


Enigma Project

Impress your co-workers with your skills in this series of fast-paced spy missions. James Bond, anyone?



Kart Racing

For quite the corporate retreat, why not tear down a karting racetrack with your co-workers? The water cooler chatter just won’t be the same after this.



Cocktail Masterclass

Socialise, relax, and learn a thing or two in a mixologist-led cocktail masterclass. There are even lovely mocktail versions for the non-drinkers or the pregnant, so everyone’s guaranteed a great time.


Enter the Dragon’s Den

Steel yourself: now you can pitch your own business to the Dragons.



Birthday Line-Up

This simple icebreaker requires your employees to line themselves up in birthday order. Not challenging enough? Make speaking forbidden!





Who doesn’t love sushi? Now you can master the delicate art of sushi-making, all while having fun and bonding with your team members!



What’s My Name?

This fun problem-solving game requires you to write down the name of a celebrity or character stereotype (e.g. geek, loudmouth, shrinking violet etc) on a nametag and stick one on everyone’s back. The challenge: you must guess what your nametag says based on mingling with other team members and asking questions.

Treasure Hunt

Whether it’s in your office or out in the city, following tasks and collecting clues can be lots of fun.




Egg Drop

Using little more than office supplies (be creative here!), work in teams to construct a device that will protect an egg when dropped from a height.




What do you mean the Olympics ended?! Break out the competitive spirit in Olympiad, a challenge that will bring out the athlete (or at least the energy) in just about anyone! Sing the Olympic anthem, compete in a mini beach volleyball match, or throw floppy javelins – there’s lots of fun to be had.


Office Bingo

For a longer-term activity, why not give Office Bingo a try? ChairOffice provides a fun bingo board whose squares you can randomise.




Laser Tag

Destress with a lively round of laser tag (or two, or three, or four).



Office Trivia

How well do your employees really know the company? For a bit more fun, offer cheeky prizes for the most successful players!






Circle of Silence

This activity encourages active listening and team communication as employees stand in a circle with a blindfolded co-worker in the middle. The object is to pass around a large tin with some marbles in it without making sound. For full rules, head over here.



Get active and encourage group bonding in this exhilarating outdoors activity. This is perfect for everyone, even those who’ve never kayaked or canoed before.



Masterpiece Murals

Drab office spaces? Forget about it! In this Masterpiece exercise, reproduce artwork originally painted by Picasso, Dali, or Miro. Your reception area will certainly look lovelier with the resulting murals hung up.


Zombie Escape

It’s a room escape game…but with zombies! Race against the clock to solve a puzzle – all while a snarling zombie is attached to the wall by a chain that gets longer every five minutes. Visit this site for more details about this hilarious experience.


Office Show and Tell

US-style ‘Show and tell’ isn’t just for the kids! Everyone brings something special from their office or desk and has the chance to explain the importance of that object.




Encourage fast-thinking and public speaking by creating quirky situations for your team members to act out. Whether you choose to go the comedy route or not with this, this activity will have everyone laughing.



Bridge Build

In this activity, two teams separated by a partition work to construct identical halves of a bridge – and because neither team can see the other, team members must rely on solid communication skills. All you need are some building supplies (think: building blocks, tape, cardboard) and a creative mind.


For something creative and different, why not participate in a one-of-a-kind newscast? Teams will create a story around a particular prop for a 30-60 second news clip. Even better? All the clips are edited by a professional team, so you can sit back, relax, and laugh.


Blind Drawing

Can’t draw a stick figure for your life? You’ll still have fun with the blind drawing challenge. The rules are simple: one designated artist must draw a selected item as described by team-members, who shouldn’t use the item’s actual name.



Group Juggle

A group juggling session, as explained here, is an excellent ice-breaker, especially for larger departments where your employees may not know each other’s names very well.






It’s a Knockout

Instead of being slowly frozen in an air-conditioned office, why not treat your employees to a brilliant, fast-paced summer event? It’s a Knockout is packed with colourful, exciting challenges on giant inflatables, foam, and water. Get ready for to be soaked!


Boat Party

Booze cruise, anyone? See your city from a different perspective, all while socialising with your employees and enjoying great music, food, and, most importantly, drinks.




Human Knot

Prepare to get up close and personal in this fun, challenging activity: the human knot!



What’s on Your desk?

Got something interesting on your desk? Team members will designate one item on their desk as their new product. The challenge: come up with a name, logo, slogan, and marketing plan for this object.


Board Game Tournament

Break out old classics like Scrabble, Risk, or Monopoly for a relatively inexpensive (but still exciting) experience.





How well are your employees’ communication skills? The Telephone Game tests this out.



Company Fun Day

A Company Fun Day is the ultimate reward for your employees and their families. Enjoy team activities like archery, laser shooting, human table football, circus skills workshops, and much, much more. No matter how large your company or how small your budget, your employees will receive a fun and memorable experience.

The Mine Field

Communication and trust are key in this activity. In pairs, with one person blindfolded, the ‘seeing eye’ must verbally guide their blindfolded partner through an obstacle course with objects to be avoided.




Crystal Maze

Have you ever wanted to be a contestant on TV’s Crystal Maze? Of course you have! Head on over here for a special take on this iconic show.



Chocolate Making

What’s almost as good as eating chocolate? Making it.




Jigsaw Barter

This game begins as an ordinary jigsaw puzzle until team-members realise other teams have their pieces.



Food Van Challenge

Create your own food van! From making the food and van façade to designing a name and logo, you can be sure that your employees explore their creative sides while also enjoying delicious food van fare.



Challenge your employees to see who can best recreate a selected dish. In true MasterChef-style, you can also select some people to serve as judges.



Two Truths and a Lie

In small groups, everyone says three facts about themselves, one of which is a lie. The fun lies in co-workers guessing which of these facts is the lie. This game is perfect for getting employees, especially the more introverted ones, to share things about themselves.

Like these ideas? Have fun trying them out!

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