Evening Team Building Activities

//Evening Team Building Activities

Evening Team Building Activities

Why go straight home at 5.30pm? There are many opportunities to encourage after-hours teambuilding – and yes, they’re more fun and exciting than watching repeats of your favourite show from under your duvet blanket. So, if you’re in charge of organising a team building event – or if you’d just like to send a hint or two your boss’s way, read on for 50 evening team building activities we know you’ll love.

Sushi Masterclass

Learn the delicate, subtle art of sushi-making from top sushi chefs. You’ll even have the chance to give white sake tasting a go – sounds good, doesn’t it?



Costume Party

Get silly! Encourage employees to come in dressed however they want (or lay down a theme). For extra fun, give out prizes for the best, creative costumes.

Film Night

Stock up on popcorn and fizzy drinks while you watch films as voted for by the team. Go on, turn your office space into a cinema for the evening!





Even for the not-as-fit individuals in the office, this dynamic Latin-inspired dance fitness class is sure to work out those pesky shoulder knots you’ve all got after hunching over a computer. Hire a certified Zumba instructor or follow along to a video on a big screen.


Interactive Quiz

Made up of games and challenges, this interactive quiz encourages socialising in a fun-filled environment. You’re sure to be pleased by the wide variety of interesting games in each quiz round.

Auction Night

Bring in all the energy and intrigue of real-live auctions in this event. Using play money, team members are divided up and challenged to emerge as the winner with the most money remaining.


Circus Skills

You won’t quite learn how to shoot out of a rocket, but you can learn other fun tricks such as plate-spinning, tightrope-walking, diabolo-spinning, juggling, and more. Perhaps along the way you’ll discover your employees’ hidden skills and talents, too.





Fashion Show

Get ready to flex both your creativity and your entrepreneurial skills in this light-hearted take on a catwalk show. Teams choose their model, design an outfit, and put on a fashion show that will have everyone letting down their way. And why not turn that mile-long conference table into a catwalk?





Karaoke Night

There’s nothing better than some classic karaoke! Sing along to old favourites, or select your own song and delight your audience with something new.



Ice Cream Making

Try your hand at making delicious frozen treats. It sounds too good to be true – but believe us when we say, it’s true!






Indoor Sports

It’s time to break out that competitive spirit. Put together a fun indoor sports complex with things like mini trampolines, tug of war, bubble soccer, inflatable sumo wrestling costumes, ping pong, hula hoops, balloon darts, and more.





Build a Rollercoaster

This fun, challenging activity brings everyone together to design and build a rollercoaster solely with cardboard tubes and cable ties. This slow exercise is perfect for the end of the day.


Make a Million

Come on, we’ve all entertained the idea of becoming a millionaire at least once in our life. In this fast-paced game, you can! The catch: You have to race in teams to earn £1,000,000 first.





Giant & Pub Games

Bring the pub to your office in for a relaxing night of giant, interactive games, straight from your childhood. Socialise with your colleagues and even partake in competitive team games like air hockey, pool, and table football.


Casino Tables

End your evening on a high note! Enjoy full-sized casino tables, as well as pub games, video games, and even video horse racing.



Collective Solutions

With a focus on handovers and communication, Collective Solutions tests how well your employees can pick up on the work of previous groups to form a cohesive (and certainly very creative) end product.


Graffiti Workshop

This departure from your typical painting classes will bring out the street artist in you. Learn to appreciate the art of the street and how to create your own.



Wine Tasting

What’s not to love about an evening of wine tasting? You can even turn this into a social event inside your own office.



Pizza Making

Graduate from heating up cold-in-the-middle frozen pizza to crafting your own delicious pies from scratch in a professionally-led hands-on pizza-making workshop. Everyone will walk away with a new cooking skill to show off, too.

Antique Antics

‘Call My Bluff’ meets ‘Antiques Road Show’ in a stimulating, interactive gameshow style event. Find out more about the rules of the game over here.



Gameshow Marathon

Partake in fun and familiar gameshows like The Weakest Link, Eggheads, and Blockbusters. Have fun with props and prizes and forget the mountain of paperwork in the office.




Turn your office space into a disco! Have fun with themed costumes as you relive classic ‘70s hits and get groovy on the dancefloor. This website offers loads of memorable disco party games and ideas to make this team building event memorable.


Make Your Own Film

Become a movie star for the evening! Write and star in your own themed movie, which is professionally filmed, edited, and screened for you in the evening entertainment event ‘A Night at the Oscars.’ Visit this page for more information.


Multicultural Night

Celebrate the multifaceted diversity in your workplace by hosting a multicultural night. Employees may choose to bring in home-cooked dishes from their own culture. For an extra special event, you can even bring in multicultural entertainment and performers.


Creative Cupcakes

For something a little different, why not bond over baking? Enjoy and relax by making and decorating your own cupcakes, packaging, marketing strategy, and pitch.



Robot Wars

Why not compete in this unique, hands-on take on the BBC show Robot Wars?



Minute to Win It

Working in teams, you will complete a variety of challenges and activities in under a minute. Read here for some suggestions on fun activities.

Laughter Workshop

You know already what a great stress-reliever laughter is, so give ‘laughter yoga’ a try. This is certainly something different, but you’re definitely guaranteed a unique experience.



Cocktail Masterclass

Learn how to mix your own boozy concoctions in this Cocktail Masterclass. Everyone will walk away in high spirits, even the non-drinkers (yes, there are mocktail version available as well!).


Chocolate Making

Chocolate making is an art form, so become an artist for the night!



Scavenger Hunt

Fill your office with clues for a one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt experience that encourages problem-solving and working in groups.


Giant Games

Here’s a fun concept: regular games…but giant. Sound intriguing? We thought so!

Improv Comedy

For an interactive experience, why not invite improv comedians to perform for you? Expect a fun evening of laughter as the comedians interact with the audience.


Company Race Night

If there’s a go-kart track near you, why not take your team for an exciting evening of racing?





Food Sculptures

Your mum probably told you not to play with your food, but now you can do just that! Following set guidelines, work in teams to make a sculpture out of select food items. The best part? Eating the sculptures at the end!



The Generation Game

Enjoy food and a series of quirky challenges that nod to one great game show. Visit this site for more details on how to play.

Bake That!

Think you’ve got what it takes to win over professional chefs? If so, participate in this bake off challenge that will end with everyone enjoying the delicious treats.



Make Your Own Board Game

What’s better than playing a board game? Making your own! There are plenty of tutorials online for creating your own, such as this one.



Britain’s Got Talent

Audition for the world’s greatest talent show! This is a great opportunity for employees to show off their hidden skills and talents in front of a panel of judges. You could organise your own, after-hours talent show in the boardroom, for example.



Come Dine with Me

‘MasterChef’ meets ‘Come Dine With Me’ in a gourmet food challenge that pits employees against each other in a friendly competition.

Comic Connections

It’s time to get your creative caps on to try your hand at creating a comic book for your company.



Dining in the Dark

Here’s something different: dinner with blindfolds! You won’t know what you’re eating until you try it. This will encourage employees to communicate, as well as try something new.



Breakfast at Night

Yes, you heard us right. Bring a quirky twist to dinner by serving a full English breakfast!





Video Horse Racing

This realistic racing experience will provide your team with a fun, energising treat. Try your hand at betting on a number of horses – and be careful not to lose your pretend money!



Company Quiz Night

How well do your employees know the company and the office space? Find out in this interactive quiz experience. To make it more competitive, offer prizes to those who know the most about the company!



Laser Tag

This fun activity will get your employees on their feet and working in teams to win this game of ‘tag in the dark.’



Evening Spy Challenge

Enjoy dinner with your team members, but don’t trust anyone in this spy challenge. Keep your observation and logistic skills in tip top shape throughout the evening as you work to break codes and spy on your colleagues.


Board Game Night

Whether you’re a chess fanatic or a passionate Monopoly player, spend an evening unwinding by playing classic board games.




After-Work Dinner

Sometimes the best team building activities are the simplest. Treat your team out to a night on the town by taking them to a lovely restaurant and just enjoying conversation.



Haka Energiser

It’s been a long day at work and everyone’s tired. A little Haka energiser will do wonders for your employees – and it’s certainly very empowering as well.

What do you think of these team building events? Will you be giving any of them a go?

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