Pure energy and rhythm!

Key Information

  • Duration: 30-60 minutes
  • Group Size: Any group size
  • Locations: Nationwide

Why do this event?

  • Energise your teams in minutes!
  • No set up or packing time needed
  • Very flexible and cost effective energiser
  • Ideal for conferences worldwide

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Event Information

How can simple coloured tubes send so efficient ripples of energy through the room? Such is the magic of the boomwhackers!
Plastic tubes of different colours and length are whacked together against limbs, each other or the floor to produce different notes. The conductor will teach the team the basics of whacking, incorporating rhythm and melody with the wave frequencies. And ta-dah! Here is your instant orchestra!

This event is such a simple and effective energiser, the boomwhackers magically appearing at the last minute to create the appropriate surprised diversion. One instructor is enough for any size group, making it really cost effective. The whole group working together to create a performing band is quite an experience!

The boomwhakers can be branded and used as a giveaway.
Very cost-effective event with just one facilitator needed whatever the group size, very flexible in any venue, no time needed to set up or pack. Ideal energiser for conferences worldwide!

" We all have an amazing time on Monday – everyone is still talking about how fun it was – so far the best event we have done!"