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Challenge 100

You have 100 creative, cerebral & fun challenges to complete in a limited time... How many can you do?


  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • Group Size: 20-500
  • Locations: Nation and Worldwide, very flexible event.

Why do this event?

  • Creative & mentally challenging
  • Inclusive - something for everyone
  • Stimulates natural communication
  • Pure fun!

Download the factsheet to have all of this information in a nifty PDF, ready for printing and emailing.

Event Information

Tasks break down into different sections and encompass: out of the box creative tasks, team tasks, solution seeking tasks and manual building tasks. The more difficult the task, the more “fun money” can be awarded. So with so many challenges to choose from, teams need to organise their time and skills carefully if they want to pile up the cash!

Can your team manage to have a picture taken on top of the Eiffel Tower, can they all juggle at the same time or make the tallest free standing paper giraffe out of newspaper? It can all be done and from any venue anywhere in the UK! Ingenuity, time management and out of the box thinking are essential to shine in this event.

" I just wanted to pass on to you the great feedback we’ve had from the Beaulieu Challenge 100 event. Many people have said it’s the best away day by far that they’ve been to, so I owe a massive thank you to you and the team for making it such a success"