Clap Happy Energiser

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Clap Happy Energiser

A huge blast of fun and energy!

Key Information

  • Duration: 15-30 minutes
  • Group Size: 20-500
  • Locations: Nationwide

Why do this event?

  • Intense energy in minutes!
  • Very flexible energiser
  • Ideal for larger groups
  • Perfect to wake up everyone in a conference!

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Event Information

Create one united percussion performance using just hands and colourful gloves.
Pull on your coloured gloves and let the rhythm work its magic! 3 teams, 3 colours, 3 “clapping departments” and in seconds the atmosphere changes in the room. Clap Happy works as a variation of body percussion.

This extremely flexible energiser electrifies and energises the teams with this very rhythmic adventure.

" It is always a pleasure to work with Kaleidoscope - efficient, knowledgeable and very experienced. "