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Comic Connections

Get the creative juices flowing and create your very own company comic book!

Key Information

  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Group Size: 10-200
  • Locations: Nationwide

Why do this event?

  • Promotes creativity
  • Something a little different
  • Creates a "one team" mentality
  • Cost effective

Download the factsheet to have all of this information in a nifty PDF, ready for printing and emailing.

Event Information

Comic Connections is, as its name suggests, a fun creative team building event which promotes communication across a number of teams. Each team has to create a canvas, which, once associated with the other teams’, will form an oversized comic strip. Each team has to concentrate on their own creation as well as think of the whole result so must communicate effectively with the other groups.

First, teams agree on the story. Then, with the help of the extensive library of superhero templates, speech bubbles and action bites (Boom, Bang, Crash!) and all the art equipment required, the canvas must be filled to form a section of the comic. It can include a given topic if required, follow the company theme and even include the company personnel or gossip!

Finally, the different panels of the comic need to be seen as a whole and adjusted for a flowing story. The finalised comic strip is then presented by each team to the whole group to create a room filled with laughter as the chosen superheroes save the day!

" Very good activity idea, Comic Connections brought the tables together well, people seemed to throw themselves into it. Everyone presenting the finished product to the room was highly entertaining and all the tables seemed on board with the right ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed this, interactive, brilliant fun."

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