Evening Spy Challenge

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Evening Spy Challenge

Top Secret - Top Secret - Top Secret - Top Secret - Top Secret

Key Information

  • Duration: During dinner
  • Group Size: Up to 100 people
  • Locations: Nationwide

Why do this event?

  • Spy themes always popular
  • Encourage communication and problem solving in an unusal way
  • Works ideally over a meal
  • Diverse skills required

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Event Information

Before sitting down for dinner, each table needs to crack the six-digit code, essential for the Evening Spy Challenges. If you are lucky, M will also lend you a bugging device to spy on your colleagues…
Throughout the evening, the challenges will be cerebral, will call on your observation and logistics skills, and (if wished) physical aptitudes. The aim is to get as many Spy Dollars as possible. ... but things will get tough in the world of espionage and corruption often triumphs.
One piece of advice: look after your money and never trust anyone!

• Spice up to your evening with one of our Bond-look-alikes: Pierce, Daniel, Sean, Halle Berry, Oddjob, Blofeld, Jaws......
• Add glamour with casino tables and professional croupiers for a true Casino Royale night.
• Fun money can be printed with your company logo … or your Big Boss’s head!

" Last Thursday was a success and was well received by everyone who attended. The excellent location and fun team building event played a huge part in this so thank you for your efforts. "