Festive Challenge 100

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Festive Challenge 100

Expect an event full of energy, reindeers and festive joy!

Key Information

  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • Group Size: 20-500
  • Locations: Nation and Worldwide, very flexible event

Why do this event?

  • Festive fun
  • Energy boost for you and your team!
  • Something different for your Christmas party
  • Cost effective and very flexible event

Download the factsheet to have all of this information in a nifty PDF, ready for printing and emailing.

Event Information

Take our very popular Challenge 100: a team building event full of energy, laughter and fun challenges (100 challenges to be exact) and sprinkle it with festive joy. What you now get is the perfect event to start the festive season!

Your challenges might involve play-doh, baubles, ping pong balls, … or even snow! Your team will have to exploit all the talents of its members with wit, energy, brain and muscles depending on the challenges. The time is ticking, so how many challenges can you do in the set time? With so many challenges, organisation and planning is key within the team to earn as much fun money to beat the other competitors!

Festive Challenge 100 is a very flexible event that can be adapted to fit most size group, venue, timing or message you want to convey. Just let us know your requirements and we'll make it fit!

" We received amazing, feedback from all (even from the most cynical). Ali was fantastic and so was his co-facilitator. They both added lots of fun to the day and were extremely patient as everyone constantly demanded their time. Admittedly, some may argue that I am slightly biased as my team won, but no... a great time was had by all!!!
A great big thank you on behalf of all of the Richmond staff."