One Voice

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One Voice

Lift the spirit of your teams with energy and vitality!

Key Information

  • Duration: 45 mins - 90 mins
  • Group Size: 10-100
  • Locations: Nationwide

Why do this event?

  • Feel energised
  • Create unity by working on the same goal
  • Very flexible on timings and location
  • Perfect icebreaker for a conference or meeting

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Event Information

Guided with expertise by our west end vocal coaches, lift the spirit of your teams as they make a famous pop song their own.
From no doubt slightly inhibited beginnings, the groups soon learn how to breath and tune to the other voices, bringing spectacular results for a glorious finale performance.

The power of singing is not a myth: see the energy rising from groups of any size.

Two possible formats for a real creative uplift:
- All in one room: By practising and learning their parts in one space, the singers figure out how the different sections fit in together.
- Two or more rooms: Groups separately learn their respective parts, each with their own musical director. For the finale, they are brought back together for a mind-blowing performance.

The flexibility of both events makes them ideal as an energiser in a conference or a standalone event. For the Super Wow Factor, bring in a live band!
Record the final version for future presentations and for posterity evermore!

" It went really well, huge success, especially considering the challenge of having so many people! We are very happy with it all. People have been humming the tune all weekend!"