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Strictly Come Dining

Come Dine with Me comes to your office - what will your score be?

Key Information

  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Group Size: 15-150
  • Locations: Nationwide

Why do this event?

  • A real treat for your staff
  • Very creative
  • Familiar theme
  • Something a little different

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Event Information

The group will be split into teams with each team cooking a 2 or 3 course meal for the opposing team. The chef will demonstrate knife handling skills, health and safety and a demonstration which will be relevant to their category. Each team will be responsible for all aspects of courses: this will have to include table setting and serving their hungry colleagues.
Under the watchful eye of the experienced chef, always ready to give tips and advice, the teams will have to be creative, communicate effectively and cooperate in order to produce a stunning meal!

You’ve seen the programme, now it is your turn. Have you got the culinary skills to work under pressure? In this team event, your group will go head to head to produce a tasty dish for your colleagues to judge, then it will be their turn to cook for you. Each team will be working with experienced chefs and around impressive cookery stations integrated with an oven, portable induction or gas stoves and supplemented with all the professional equipment needed.

For the more adventurous, a variation of the theme can also be in the style of Ready Steady Cook. Teams will have to prepare their two course meal from a selection of mysterious ingredients.

For judging, each team gives an overall score of the dishes, giving feedback via a spokesperson on the table and then the winner from each category goes before our judges to give the final verdict. The criteria the chefs will be looking for are creativity, teamwork and of course taste.

All in all, this fantastic cooking team building event combines learning new skills and techniques, teamwork and collaboration, ends up with a lovely meal and is punctuated by continuous laughter and joie de vivre!

" We all had a really enjoyable day ‘in the kitchen’ with the Strictly Come Dining facilitators. The results were amazing; a 2 course meal prepared to a very high standard. We had lots of fun and learned some really useful skills."

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