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Enigma Project

Enter the exciting world of international espionage and secret agents

Key Information

  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Group Size: 20-200
  • Locations: Nationwide

Why do this event?

  • Spy themes always very popular
  • Fast paced and exciting
  • Mentally challenging
  • Highly competitive

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Event Information

The Enigma Project is a series of spy related missions, each around 20 minutes long, with teams starting at different points and progressing around, thereby ensuring all players can take part in each activity. With problem solving, skills and physical challenges available, events can contain games to cover communication, team spirit, diversity, support, efficiency, time management, flexibility, and control and leadership.

Most popular activities for this spy Team Building Event, from an extensive list, are:
- Safe Cracking
- Axe Throwing
- Bomb Deactivation
- Sniper Shooting
- Minefield
- Pistol Draw
- Thunderball
- Agents International

Click here to view the Enigma Project film.

" Thanks for yesterday, it was awesome. Although I was in the losing team, we had a blast :-) !"