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Treasure Trails

Get out and about with your team on this explorative, exciting and adventurous activity.


  • Duration: 1-4 hours
  • Group Size: 10-2000
  • Locations: Nationwide

Why do this event?

  • Gets everyone out of the office
  • Physical, cerebral and lots of fun
  • Great icebreaker for new team
  • Cost effective

Download the factsheet to have all of this information in a nifty PDF, ready for printing and emailing.

Event Information

Using state of the art technology we have a range of exciting treasure trails for you to choose from. Teams use their tablet with a unique and bespoke app to locate various GPS or Image Recognition “hotspots”. As they open the hotspots they are given a variety of questions or challenges to answer. A live scoreboard, team tracker and messaging function allows them to monitor their progress against the other teams.

See below for some available themes:
City Explorer – Locate the GPS hotspots, navigate around the city to crack clues and complete challenges to earn as many points as possible. Incorporating historical and local news, local famous personalities, local food and drink, this unique team event is designed to showcase your location!
Landmarks of London – Awe-inspiring buildings, historic landmarks and iconic statues, London never fails to disappoint. This event incorporates a large quantity of memorable photo opportunities, from Big Ben and Horse Guards parade to Trafalgar Square and Downing Street to name just a few. Armed with a tablet or smartphone as your guide, you’ll navigate the London’s streets whilst completing this unique challenge.
Pub Explorer – Teams use their tablets to navigate around the area of your choice, completing pub quiz themed questions and challenges, visiting local pubs on the way! This challenge can be completed in any location of your choice.
Spy School – Discover who killed agent Kelly by deciphering codes, undertaking surveillance photography and identifying secret locations. This challenge can be completed indoors, outdoor (or both!) in any location.
The Pitch – Our popular Apprentice theme is designed to test group planning, negotiation skills, time management and business acumen as teams set out to create their own product, advert and jingle and pitch their product to their peers! This challenge can also be completed indoors, outdoor (or both!) in any location.
Huntathlon – Teams go head to head as they navigate around your chosen location and complete a range of sporting and Olympic challenges.

" Thanks for organising such a fun treasure trail. We all had a really good morning. Even the most difficult to please staff members found it fun, and said as much! Overall, a fantastic team building activity!"