5 Great Energisers for large groups

//5 Great Energisers for large groups

5 Great Energisers for large groups

We get many requests for effective, value for money energisers to liven up a meeting or conference. These are often used first thing in the morning or straight after lunch to boost the energy levels.

A recent brief highlights this issue quite nicely. 250 delegates at a conference in Wembley and they had just 1 hour in the timetable to break up the business routine of the day and to get the delegates re-energised.

In the end  the client decided on an Escape Games format, in this instance the Table Top Escape Game. Given that there was little set up time, a busy room and lots of delegates this particular activity just requires us to put a safe on the tables and then give verbal instructions so nice and quick to set up and pack down. Delegates are bound together using cable ties and the only way they can release themselves is to crack the clues to open the safe and thus access the cable tie cutters!

Whilst full blown teambuilding events can take at least an hour to set up and require meeting rooms to be reset and sometimes cleared, most energisers are quick and easy to set up with little room disruption

What other options work for a large group?

Clap Happy is a very simple concept. Create one united percussion performance using just hands and colourful gloves. Led and driven by a dynamic facilitator this can actually work for groups of most sizes but works very well for large groups. Easy to set up and  the results are visual and audible.

Singing workshops do not suit all groups but are highly effective short energisers and the end results are often quite memorable. One Team One Voice requires the group to create their own song structure, rhythm and words. As such, company messages can be subtly incorporated if required. Alternatively, take an existing well-known pop song and with the help of voice coaches and choreographers create your own performance.

Drumming has been around a long time and many companies have used it in all sorts of situations but it still is a great energiser for those that have not used it. Samba Drumming is a classic example of this in action. Each participant is supplied with a drum or a percussion instrument and then as the team members drum together, they will all start to unite as one team, working together towards a common goal; one piece of music! And, as the session develops and people begin to relax, you can literally see the creativity of the team taking shape.

We have used Challenge 100 very effectively for large groups in just 45-60 minutes, It is a dynamic, high level energy driven activity that is fluid and very competitive. Watch it in action here. With 100 challenges to choose from there is plenty of choice although in reality they will achieve only a fraction of those in 1 hour. This one does require a bit more set up so a lobby area or bar area is useful for setting up the workshop whilst business is taking place. The rest can take place at their team table but be ready for a bit of mess!

What do energisers cost?

They all vary and depend on complexity of course and staffing levels, equipment required but it is quite possible to do these from £10.00 to £20.00 pp + vat for the larger group although minimum costs are involved for smaller groups of less than 50.

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