Five Popular Team Building Activities

//Five Popular Team Building Activities

Five Popular Team Building Activities

What springs to mind when you think of team building activities? Do you picture that memorable scene in Ricky Gervais’ The Office, in which the event meant to bring people together actually tore them apart?

The fact is, if you choose the right kind of corporate away day for your team, you’ll all end the activities on a high. So, what to go for? To help you, here are five of the most popular team building activities out there:

It’s a Knockout

A fast-paced away day better signed up for in the summer months, an it’s a knockout-style afternoon is great fun. Lasting two to three hours and available up and down the country, the obstacles can be designed for groups of up to 240 people. Rewarding yet challenging, activities like this require your employees to exert a little energy, but they’re excellent for team bonding and prove one of the most popular choices when it comes to strengthening office relationships.

Crystal Maze

What greater team building event is there than the Crystal Maze? If you used to love the show as a kid, then you’ll love this real-life version of it, which encourages teams to become closer by taking part in challenges in different, themed rooms. If you’ve done the tried and tested, old-school-style corporate away days, maybe it’s time to try something like this?

Cocktail Making

If there’s no way you can take a day away from work, consider a corporate event which takes place at night – and there are plenty of them. From casino-style team building activities, to chocolate-making classes, you’re bound to find something that suits everyone. And with cocktails all the rage, maybe you could consider a cocktail-making masterclass? Lasting anywhere from two to four hours, events like this offer something a little different to ‘traditional’ corporate events. Your employees can learn a new skill and enjoy a rewarding night getting to know each other better by letting their hair down. Masterclasses like this will also cater for the non-drinkers amongst your group, so everyone’s kept happy. Tasked with making a cocktail as part of a team, you’ll each come away with a new set of skills – and bags of confidence. Why not give it a go?

Enter the Dragons’ Den

Now for a slightly more daunting take on a popular TV show – the Dragons’ Den-style team building experience. Described as a thought-provoking event, the away day lasts up to three hours and takes place in locations nationwide. Offering something for everyone to get involved in, it brings out the team’s entrepreneurial spirit and allows for great team building opportunities. To succeed, you’ll need to convince ‘The Dragons’ that your idea is worth investing in – and you can either pitch several times throughout the event, or you can put all your energy into putting one idea forward. Either way, it’s lots of fun! Go on; why not check out a corporate team building even like this? You may tap into some skills you didn’t realise your employees had.

Paint Balling

A corporate away day in the traditional sense, paint balling gives people the chance to develop a range of skills, while having a great time doing so. It’s certainly a testing activity (being hit by a paint ball isn’t pleasant) but it will give people the chance to let their hair down and escape the stresses of the office for an afternoon.

Which team building event would you say best suits your workplace?

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