Fun Team Building Ideas: A Guide to the Best

//Fun Team Building Ideas: A Guide to the Best

Fun Team Building Ideas: A Guide to the Best

Team building is important to the delicate balance of your co-workers’ ecosystems. If there’s no fun, the morale is low, and work ends up suffering because of it. Never fear! At Kaleidoscope Events, we specialise in creating fun and inventive team building exercises that help get the most out of your employees and peers, as well as bring everyone out of their shell. Come on…don’t be scared, get involved! Here are some ideas you can try this year…

Trust Maze

Overcoming obstacles is tough, but can your team do it while blindfolded? Matched into pairs, one trustworthy individual will guide their blindfolded counterpart around a maze, dodging obstacles and safely making it to the end. Then – swap and see who can do it faster!

Oh, the Possibilities!

This game sees your team give life to an inanimate object. They might be familiar with what it does, they may not. The point of this game is to create, and get your team thinking outside of the box. Each person takes a turn with the object, deciding what they think its purpose is. At the end, it might not be the most accurate, but the most entertaining or creative answer that wins.

Collaborative Drawing

Split your team into groups and hand out flipchart paper, or a roll of blank poster paper. Give them a box full of pens, pencils and other crafty goodies and see their eyes light up. Then get them to pick three cards out of a hat – a location, a theme and an animal. The groups must use each of these randomly-generated ideas to create a drawing together. Prizes for the most interesting use of the themes!

Silver Lining

The activity involves sharing and listening skills. Pair up your team and then ask them to share an experience that affected them negatively, either at work or in their personal life. After two minutes, their listener will tell them their story, but only in a positive light. The aim of this game is to show how every cloud has a silver lining! Click here to find more ideas for small-scale, indoor activities.

A Square Circle

Have you ever tried to draw a perfect square without a ruler? In this game, small teams are challenged to create a perfect square with rope or string on the floor. Easy right? Oh, you’ll also be blindfolded.

Trust Fall

An oldie but a goodie. Each member of your team must fall backwards into the waiting arms of their workmates – it’s not as easy as it sounds! Extra points for stylish falling.

Scavenger Hunt

Whether it’s in the office or out on location, everybody loves a scavenger hunt. Watch your work pals get competitive as they hunt for clues and move on to the next piece of treasure. Themed scavenger hunts are even more fun – why not encourage dressing up?

Safe as an Egg

Eggs are smashing! Keep yours safe by inventing and creating a safety contraption that’ll stop it from smashing when dropped from a set height. Materials will be provided but there is only a certain amount of time to make that important safety device. Don’t go splat!

Liar, Liar

Split your team into pairs. Each pair must talk to each other about their lives – but as well as a getting to know you exercise, each person will tell a lie. It’s up to the other member of their pair to decide which part of their story was fabricated. Watch out for the good liars in this game!

Bet You Didn’t Know…

Set up a row of chairs face to face and get your team to sit down. The pairs sat opposite each other must tell each other a fact about themselves that they wouldn’t already know. After 60 seconds, a whistle is blown and the pairs move one seat to their left, and they have to tell the new person sitting opposite them their fact. At the end, employees are picked at random to share a fact about a nominated person. Remembering what was said is all part of the game!

Doodling in the Dark

In groups, teammates will have to draw a specific object, animal or person as chosen by the facilitator. One problem though – there will only be one artist and they will be blindfolded! The rest of the group must instruct the artist to tell them what to draw. The winners are the team whose finished picture looks most like the facilitator’s chosen subject.

Zombie Apocalypse

In this game, you start with one ‘zombie’ (a team-mate with a penchant for ‘braaiiinnns’) and end up with a full crew of the undead if you’re not quick enough. To begin, one zombie is placed in a room that’s filled with clues or puzzles. The team is separated into groups and each group must visit the room with the zombie to solve a puzzle and enable them to escape into the “safe zone”. If they don’t manage to solve the puzzle within the allotted time, they become infected and join the zombie in his quest for brains. By the end, you either have a cure for the infection, or an office full of zombies.

Back-to-Back Art

Sit partners back to back. One partner instructs the other – the artist – to draw a picture only they can see. By the end you’ll either have a collaborative masterpiece…or something else.

Sinking Raft

Your team is sat on a ‘raft’ made of blankets, paper or yoga mats. They’re safe, for now. Every 20 seconds, the facilitator takes away another section of the raft, meaning the team members must work together to stay safely afloat on the remaining pieces of raft. Who will fight to survive? Who will sink? Who will push the others off? Find out more about a similar game involving an aeroplane accident here.

Spongebob and Patrick

This game is about pairing up best friends, enemies and famous double-acts. On post-its, individuals from well-known duos are written and then stuck to team members at random. The aim is to guess who you are, and then find your partner, all through the art of asking great questions. Will you find your partner in crime?

Flying the Flag

Does your team or company have a flag? Well, it’s about to get one! Split your team into pairs or groups and ask for a design for a flag to be made that could be flown outside your company building. Each flag must have a good explanation behind it, from the colours chosen to any designs or artwork used to create it.

National Anthem

Similar to the flag game above, your team must find a way to honour their workplace using the timeless medium of music. Musicality is a bonus but really, this game is about fitting in your core company values into a song. It can rhyme, it can be a rap, it can have choreography. What it absolutely MUST do, however, is represent your workplace.


Sit your team in a circle and ask them to pick an item at random from the middle of the room (alternatively, hand out items to save time.) Each member of the team now must explain how they would use their item to save their life, or the life of someone else. It’s trickier than you think!

Getting to Know You

This game is great for new teams. In this game, a facilitator asks each team member to think of three facts about themselves. These facts are then collected and read out at random. Members of the team then have to guess whose facts they are.

Tower of Dares

Jenga is always fun, so why not add a touch of danger? Write dares and forfeits on each Jenga block and watch your teammates work out the best blocks to remove and re-stack…before realising they’ve got dares to do too! To be even harsher, why not make sure the worst dares are on the easier, centre blocks?

Paper Planes

Bring back the skills from your childhood with a good old-fashioned paper plane competition. Work alone or in pairs to create the ultimate plane, with extra points for decor and accessories chosen for speed, accuracy and general style.


Cause this is Thriller! Thriller night! Treat your team to an afternoon of Michael Jackson-based silliness with face paint, costumes and props so that they can re-create the Thriller video. Learn the dance moves, learn how to lip sync and perform the world-famous song together. This is an exercise in creativity as well as team work, and helps get everybody loosened up and having fun.

Coat of Arms

In small groups, get your team to design a coat of arms for your company. Which animals represent you? What colours should they use? The most interesting part of this activity is the presentations at the end, when the groups explain their choices. You might learn something about the company you didn’t know!

Tower Building

Hand out a marshmallow to your team, which should have been separated into smaller groups. This marshmallow has dreams – dreams of visiting the moon! Hand out packets of spaghetti and a roll of sticky tape to each group and get them to build the tallest tower they can. Structural integrity is important, because the marshmallow needs to sit on top of the tower unassisted at the end. The tallest tower by the end of the game is the winner!

What do you think of these fun team building events? Will you be giving any of them a try?

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