How to do effective team building on tight budgets

//How to do effective team building on tight budgets

How to do effective team building on tight budgets

I almost remember when we were given £150.00 – £200.00 per person to spend on lavish themed team building events. Spectacular one-off events that took huge planning and operational input. What fun……what a long time ago!

With budgets now down at the £10.00 – £40.00 per person what can you realistically expect from a team building company with this sort of budget? Well quite a lot actually. It’s a buyer’s market and has been for a long time and we have all had to get accustomed to offering a range of good-value budget team building events to suit the market place.

Group size make a big difference and once you get above 100 people then logistically it gets easier to lay on the event so costs come down.  Masterpiece is a good example of that and we have done this activity for up to 600 people for around £20.00 pp. The biggest challenge is enquiries for groups of less than 10 where fixed costs make it difficult to put on a range of activities. Treasure Trails are an excellent option and we offer a complete range of styles from fully managed to Self-run DIY GPS Challenges which are excellent for small groups and tight budgets.

Staffing issues are probably the biggest factor in keeping costs down. Not only the wages themselves, but the costs to get staff to and from events. And as a client you can help keep these costs down. How? By supplying your own staff to co-facilitate alongside the events team. Most team building events are very simple activities and facilitating many of them is not a difficult task. We have successfully done this style of shared staffing over many years and for groups of up to 500 people. In particular this works well for Challenge 100 which has proven to be an easy event to self-facilitate. It makes a big difference to the price you pay so well worth considering.

Going abroad? We have found that our Rollercoaster activity makes an excellent budget event since it is one of the few team building activities that will pack down and go in the hold thus saving big time on transport and delivery costs. It’s also a well-proven, flexible and very popular event!



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