Indoor Team Building Events

Indoor Team Building Events

 A Definitive 2018 Guide

Providing a fun and engaging setting from which to increase employees’ confidence and boost workplace moral, teambuilding activities range from bush tucker-style trials to simple games you can play in the office.

We’ve compiled 50 of the best indoor teambuilding ideas to ensure your business goes in the right direction this year.


If you don’t fancy going to the circus, let the circus come to you! There are plenty of team building activities out there which combine fun circus skills, all of which can be done inside; you don’t even need an in-office big top. Simply head to a local studio and get to work. This activity – which can see employees ‘learning the ropes on the circus swing’ – involves trust, confidence and a whole lot of strength.


Afternoon Tea
Now here’s a slightly tamer team-building event: afternoon tea. Morale-boosting activities don’t always have to equal high energy. Instead, a great way to bond with colleagues is simply by indulging in a spot of afternoon tea. With everyone encouraged to share from a cake stand, it’s the perfect way to have fun while enjoying a sugar fix.


Three Truths and a Lie
We love this ‘Three Truths and a Lie’ idea – and you can get involved in this activity once you’ve switched your laptops off at 5.30pm. Getting into small groups, everyone’s encouraged to state three facts about themselves, one of which is a lie. The rest of their colleagues are tasked with guessing which is the lie – lots of fun and certainly very revealing, too.



Cocktail Making Masterclass

If your team loves nothing more than a Friday night cocktail, why not go one better with a cocktail-making masterclass? Make sure you cater for everyone, though – non-drinkers and pregnant women, for example – and ensure everyone gets to know each other a little better via a little bit of Dutch courage. It’s an ideal opener for new colleagues, as it’ll definitely help break the ice (pun intended).

Salt and Pepper

This blog offers all sorts of fun in-office activities – like this salt and pepper game, which encourages people to ask the right questions if they want to be successful. Click the link to find out more.



Pottery Painting

Most big cities or towns offer group pottery painting experiences, which are a great way to unwind after work, as well as help moth-eaten office workers unleash a hidden creative side.



Dragon’s Den Style Pitch

Ever wanted to enter the Dragon’s Den and deliver a pitch to stony-faced bosses? Well, now you can.




Fight Club Darts

Looking for something different? Fight Club Darts is certain to loosen people up after a tough day in the office.



Robot Wars

Do you remember TV’s Robot Wars? Why not create your own version of the show in the office? On a smaller scale, obviously.



Spider Web

For this team building challenge (‘challenge’ being the operative word), you’ll need some string and duct tape; the rules of the game are simple – head here to find out more.

Scavenger Hunt offers a wealth of team building games – and this post provides lots of them. One of our favourite ideas is the scavenger hunt, which involves sending colleagues around the department or building to partake in daft tasks. Click the link for more.


Chocolate Making

Become a chocolatier’s apprentice for the day with this fun and rewarding chocolate-making workshop.






Sumo Wrestling

Got plenty of space in your office? Why not recreate a sumo wrestling match? Trust us when we say there’ll be lots of laughs – and lots of bonding.



Office ‘The Apprentice’

Recreate TV’s The Apprentice with this fun team building event based on the Alan Sugar hit.



Wine Tasting

Have you considered wine tasting, for a sophisticated take on a conventional team building event? You could even do it in the office, post-5.30pm.



Drama Club

Why not task your employees to get into groups, before giving them the same ‘theme’, or theatrical title? They then have to come up with a storyline for a play, and perform it to the rest of the department later.


Interactive Cooking Class

Encourage teamwork while enhancing colleagues’ cookery skills with an interactive class like this. Courses like this one are available up and down the country, too.




Get Creative

Want to promote a spot of creativity amongst your staff? Why not give everyone a deadline and task them to create something – a knitted jumper, a painted vase, even a showstopper, Bake Off-style cake? Then, rope in a judging panel and let the fun begin!



Casino Night

How about hosting your very own, in-office casino night? All you need are a few packs of playing cards, some beers (or non-alcoholic drinks) and a few prizes!



Art Class

Here’s another chance to get creative…in your own office art class. Hire a local artist to give everyone a brief lesson or two – and then leave them to create something special. It’s bound to get everyone talking.



Crystal Challenge

If you love TV’s Crystal Maze, you’ll love this take on the popular game show.



Drumming Team Building

Fancy having a go at samba drumming? Of course you do!




Movie Making

Have you smashed your budget for the financial year? Give everyone the task of creating a promotional company video on Windows Movie Maker – it’s fun, productive, and cheap! The winning one can be shared on the brand’s Facebook page.



Memory Wall

Post-it notes are your key tool for this ‘memory wall’ game, which encourages a spot of team spirit amongst offices or departments.

Ice Cream Making

Yum! Here’s a tasty-sounding activity you can try if you don’t know what to do as a team.



Fascinator/Hat Making

A popular activity for hen parties, fascinator making is also a good idea if you’re planning a big work’s night out or day at the races – head here for all the details about the workshop.


Indoor Obstacle Course

Recreate the outdoor obstacle course – but on a smaller scale – in your boardroom. But only if it’s large enough!




Organisational Jenga

Now here’s a fun take on Jenga. Grab the game and mark the blocks according to the hierarchies in your company. Some, for example, might be the accounts department, and some IT. For the rest of the rules, head here.


Classify This

Grab some Post-it notes and try this fun team-building game we found here.





Another quirky team building event can be found over here – and all it requires is a little trust.

Departmental Decorating Contest

If the office or place of work is in need of a lick of paint, why not be bold and allow your employers to get their creative juices flowing? They could come up with colour schemes before they commit to rolling paint onto the wall.



Ah, good old tug of war – it’s a classically simple game, takes little time to set up, and offers chance colleagues a chance to get closer to each other.





What’s on Your Desk?

In this game, staff are divided into two groups, and a designated person will be tasked to bring one item from their desk to the exercise. The item they bring is then going to be their product or their brand; they must come up with a name, logo, slogan and marketing plan. Give employees even more of an incentive to win by offering up a prize.

Get to Know Me

Another hit from the Fun Attic site, this indoor team building event encourages people who don’t often liaise with one another to pair up and get involved.




Want to know what Boomwhacking is? Head here for all the details.


In-office Wellness Day

If tensions are high in the workplace, why not arrange a wellness day? Invite a local massage therapist in to give people relaxation tips, or try a spot of yoga.


Office Bingo

Try a game that’s bound to bring a little fun to your post-work get-together: bingo.




Pop Quiz

One of the easiest team building events out there? Create a pop quiz and bring it to the workplace. It’s sure to get people talking.




Company Picnic

Encourage everyone to put their cooking or baking skills to good use by organising a company picnic, to be enjoyed indoors if it’s raining outside.




Name That Song

Here’s a fun take on the pub quiz we mentioned earlier…

‘Name That Song’ involves someone who’s been tasked as the quizmaster to record a load of intros to songs. The workplace is divided into teams and given the opportunity to guess the artist and track name against the clock.


Escape Room Challenge

Why not create your own ‘Escape Room’ challenge in the workplace? Set up clues and task the team to break out of the boardroom within a certain timeframe.


Mannequin Challenge

Remember the mannequin challenge that swept the Internet – and the nation? Consider creating one in the workplace, which you can use on social media to display the team’s lighthearted side.



Dance Class

Hire a dance teacher and get your groove on in a workplace dance class!




Human Knot

Taking just 15 or so minutes, eight to 20 people can get involved in this ‘human knot’ game. Head here for the rules.




Blind Drawing

Your workplace might not be made up of the most creative people, but this blind drawing challenge will certainly encourage everyone to unleash their arty side.



Bush Tucker Trials

While it isn’t for the faint-hearted, this bush tucker trial challenge will bring people together nonetheless.




In-office ‘Great British Bake Off

A simple team building event to organise, everyone’s name gets put into a hat and a different person is drawn each week. Said person then must whip up a cake, which everyone else blind tests. Think of it like Secret Santa, but with baked goods. Scores are given independently, before a winner is finally agreed on.


Fashion Designer Masterclass

Grab some bin bags, some string and a few final flourishes – feathers, sequins and whatever else you can think of – and challenge the team to a fashion designer challenge. Whoever makes the best outfit is the clear winner.



‘Hello, my name is…’

Here’s a quirky idea we found on Fun; head to the site for more fun games you can set up easily.




Sushi Masterclass

Not your average team building event, sushi making could well be up there with some of the most Instagram-able after-work soirees you’ll attend.



Which team building event takes your fancy? Sign up for one today and discover if it will boost morale in the workplace.


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