Outdoor Team building Events

//Outdoor Team building Events

Outdoor Team building Events

Did someone say ‘team building’? But before you curl up in a little ball and wish for the ground to swallow you up due to the utter dread of group participation, consider this: you might actually have fun on one of these events.

Plus, there are lots of outdoor team building activities everyone can get involved with – here are 50 of our favourites:

Company 5K

The Udemy blog is chock-full of outdoor team building events. How about a company 5K, for example? You can train together and then join in each other’s victory (when you cross the finishing line) together.



Boot Camp

Why not organise your own outdoor boot camp? All you need is some gym equipment – and some stamina!





It’s a Knock Out

Energetic and fun, It’s a Knock Out features a whole load of giant inflatables – stay standing if you can!





Lasting up to two hours, you can build your own rollercoaster in this fun and engaging team building activity.




Overnight Camping Experience

Discover if your team can brave the elements with an overnight camping experience. All you’ll need is some tents, sleeping bags, a stove or two, and somewhere picturesque to set up camp.




Wellness Retreat

Or, if you don’t fancy freezing your socks off camping in the Great British countryside, organise a wellness retreat. A spa break or yoga training for a day will ensure everyone’s feeling revitalised to get back to work.



Crystal Maze

Everyone loves TV’s Crystal Maze – and now you can take part in a version of the game yourself! Outdoor team building events don’t get much more fun than this.



Build a Raft

Be at one with nature and put your construction skills to good use, with an outdoor raft building activity. You’ll be provided with barrels, planks and all the essential materials you require to construct something epic!



Krypton Factor

Don’t fancy trying your hand at the Crystal Maze? Introducing…Krypton Factor, which is described here on the site as ‘creative, cerebral, and a little bit physical’. Get involved!




The ideal team bonding experience, there’s something for everyone to get involved in when you say yes to partaking in Olympiad.



Highland Games

Enjoy an authentic Scottish experience with a ‘Highland Games’ team building day. Hurl haggis, get to grips with bagpipes, and try out a kilt for size. Usually taking place against the picturesque backdrop of a Scottish castle or country house, this is a team building event with a difference.



Sports Day

Remember sports day at school? Recreate the fun with your very own sports-packed activity day. With sack and obstacle courses, there’ll also be a chance to have another go at the dreaded three-legged race.



Country Pursuits

Head to the country for a mix and match day of your favourite field-based pursuits. Why not try quad biking, for example, followed by clay pigeon shooting?




Jog Your Memory

Here’s a free outdoor team building event we found on the Livestrong site. Jog Your Memory sees someone gather 20 items commonly found in nature – a leaf, a nut, a berry, a twig – before arranging the items on a table. Colleagues are then divided into equal groups and one person from each group can view the items at a time. Everyone has a good look at the items for 15 seconds, and with two minutes on the clock, the teams are invited to write down everything they remember. They’ll then submit their answers, with the team who has remembered the most items bagging a prize.

Treasure Trails

Now here’s a traditional one…a treasure hunt! Relive your youth while hunting for clues in the woods. All it takes is a little bit of organisation, some good hiding places and some excellent clues!




Office Olympics

Get everyone out of the office and into the fresh air with this office Olympics experience; it’s guaranteed to get everyone talking when you head back to work.



Checkpoint Challenge

Who’s for some old-fashioned orienteering in this Checkpoint Challenge activity?




Go for Gold

Designed with large groups in mind, Go for Gold combines all sorts of fun, outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy.




Tyre Pass

You’ll need a strong rope, a sturdy branch, a tyre (and someone who’s First Aid Trained on standby – you know, just in case!) for this activity, which we found on the Small Biz Trends site. Click the link for more information.



Lily Pads

Here’s another inventive team building game we found on the Small Biz Trends site. Check out the Lily Pads activity; do you think your team is up for the challenge?




Sumo Wrestling

You’ve always wanted to don a sumo wrestling outfit, haven’t you? Well now you can! Sumo wrestling events are offered up and down the country – perfect for teams looking to boost morale.






Drop an Egg

What on earth is ‘Drop an Egg’? Find out on the Learn2 site.






The Small Biz Trends site is jam-packed with outdoor team building ideas, like ‘Frostbite’, which is as gruelling as it sounds. Click on the link to find out what you have to do.





Blindfold Tent Build

Think you can put a tent up while blindfolded? Venture Team Building has full instructions for this fun outdoor task.





Hula Hooping

Are you a pro with a hula hoop? The Udemy site suggests that this is an exercise that creates an upbeat environment amongst colleagues. Try the website’s team game suggestions and get fit while you’re at it!






Mission Impossible

Here’s a team building activity that’s ‘Mission Impossible’! Fast-paced and exciting, it focuses on collaboration between teams – why not get booked on?



Road Map Game

Just 30 minutes is required for the ‘Road Map’ game from Huddle.com. You’ll also need paper, pens and a map – think you’ve got what it takes to outshine your colleagues?




Learn the Ropes

How about a ropes course? You’ll learn how to get past obstacles and complete a goal in this morale-boosting outdoor activity.




Blindfold Maze

If you’ve ever visited an outdoor maze, you’ll know those things can be hard to navigate –but how about if you were wearing a blindfold? Participants must split into two teams, with someone in the blindfold and the rest of the team guiding them around. The winning blindfolded team member is victorious for their team! You could even put obstacles in the way – just make sure they’re not dangerous!


Eye Contact

A five-minute, warm-up team building game, ‘Eye Contact’ is a simple trust exercise which requires little equipment – click the link for the full instructions.




Trust Walk

Similar to the blindfolded maze activity, the ‘trust walk’ promotes the same kind of team building skills.






Build Your Own Mini Golf Course

Ever fancied building your own mini golf course? This site has all the details!




Group Juggle

Learn some circus skills you can impress people with at parties with this Group Juggle experience.







Create a Landscape

A simple team building task, ‘Create a Landscape’ starts when you split your participants up into two groups. Each team has a certain amount of time to create a landscape – a piece of art on the ground. They can improvise, using anything they find in nature, with the team with the prettiest landscape emerging victorious.


Clay Pigeon Shooting

A stag party favourite, clay pigeon shooting is also a good idea for a team building event. Find a class near you and try your hand at the sport.





Human Shapes

Test your teamwork skills with this ‘Human Shapes’ activity, which involves participants working together to create a range of shapes with their hands, legs, and feet.




Taken Treasure Hunt

Seen the film ‘Taken’? How about participating in a Taken-style treasure hunt?




Climbing Day

Head to your nearest climbing centre (some of them are even outdoors) and have a go at learning to climb – a great team bonding experience everyone should enjoy.




Outdoor Painting

Hire a local artist and head outdoors with some paints, paper and a great view! Now learn some techniques to recreate the gorgeous landscape – it’s fun and rewarding.



The Paper Tower

You’ll only need five minutes for this Paper Tower experiment. Teaching team members the importance of planning, timing and thinking on their feet, it’s one of many team building ideas at Huddle.com. Best played inside – but if you’re feeling brave, why not try it in the open air?



The Shoe Game

An easy icebreaker you’ll love, the ‘Shoe Game’ encourages everyone to throw their shoes into a big pile – it works best when there are 10 people or more. Then, one by one, someone picks a shoe at random and must find out three facts about the person who owns said shoe.




Head to a nearby river with a kayak instructor and try this water sport as a group.




Pub Crawl Scaventure

Does your team enjoy a post-work beer? This pub crawl ‘scaventure’ could be just the teamb uilding activity for you.





If you’ve ever fancied learning to abseil, perhaps now’s the time? It’ll promote trust amongst your group – and you’ll each take home a new skill, too.





Are you the ultimate survivor? Find out in this engaging team building activity.





Go Green Racing

Sustainability and teamwork combine in this go-green racing activity.



If you’re not afraid to get covered in paint (don’t worry, protective gear is provided!) head straight for a day spent paintballing.




Outdoor Go-Karting

There are few things more fun than outdoor go-karting; who’ll race to the finish line first?





Ah, tug-of-war – oh-so-traditional, yet oh-so-fun! All you need is a rope, two teams and some energy!







Photo Finish

Venture Team Building’s ‘Photo Finish’ game sounds lots of fun. The aim of the challenge is for the whole group to cross the finish line at the same time.


So, which outdoor team building event can you see your team enjoying? Hopefully we’ve given you plenty of inspiration to head outdoors and have fun.

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