Small Team Building Ideas: A Handy Guide

//Small Team Building Ideas: A Handy Guide

Small Team Building Ideas: A Handy Guide

Just because your team is small, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fun team-building activities! There are plenty of activities out there perfect to give your group the boost they need. Read on for a multitude of ideas to get your brain buzzing and your team excited!

Dance Party

Enjoy the silliness of an impromptu dance party and get your team to share their most ridiculous dance moves. Put each move into your choreography and perform it together! Will your performance be Eurovision, or Royal Ballet?

Comic Creations


How creative is your team? Get together and design a comic book that tells the story of your company. It can be the story of how it began, of where it’s going, or even about the people who work there. It doesn’t matter what the plot is, it’s up to your small team to figure out the details – and then draw the images to suit the storyline. The best thing about this activity is once it’s completed, you can put it on the office wall as artwork you all created together!

The Sweetshop

 For this game, you need a selection of sweets in different colours. Each member of the team can pick out five types of sweets, but they must all be different colours. The facilitator then reveals that each colour has a meaning – for example, yellow means favourite hobbies, or red means the best holiday you’ve ever been on. Once everyone has thought about their answers, it’s time to share! For full rules, visit this page. This is a really popular game, because who doesn’t love sweets?!

World’s Weirdest Interview


Think your interview days are over? Think again! Brush up your personal and problem solving skills in this creative and crazy game, which really puts your gift of the gab to work. Each player has seven strips of paper, on which they write five traits, for example: ‘lazy’, ‘sleepy’, ‘bossy’, ‘positive’, and two occupations or hobbies, like: ‘beanie baby collector’, or ‘prison guard’. The interviewee must pick an occupation and three traits at random and then explain to the interviewer why they would be great for the job based on their traits. The weirder and funnier the answers, the better!

Electric Fence

Build a fence out of tape or string that sits between a door frame, chairs or across the room. The aim of this game is for your team to make it safely through the fence without touching it – and therefore being ‘electrocuted’. The point is to get everybody working cooperatively, helping others less mobile and making sure everyone makes it through safely.

Escape Room Games

Escape games are always incredibly popular, and the best part is you can customise them in any way you like, making them bespoke for your business. Tell your team they are ‘locked’ into the room you’re in and have them begin to look for clues. They are looking for anything that will help them get out of the room – from a key to a padlock, to the code on the door. Find out more here.

Portrait Artists

In this activity, everyone is a caricaturist! The team is paired off, and in pairs, colleagues must ask each other questions to find out more about their personalities. They then have an allotted amount of time to draw a picture of their colleague including all the information they’ve just learned about them. Then, it’s time to present the pictures, and introduce each other in a new light.

The Pizzeria

In this game, the team are told that they are opening a pizzeria. Each member is assigned a role, from delivery person to owner. They each need to give their insight into what would make the pizzeria a success – and write a business plan to show how they’d make a profit in the first year. At certain intervals, the team are given activity cards by the facilitator which may throw a spanner in the works. This could be a break-in, an unexpected bad review or a late delivery of ingredients. The team need to work together to figure out how to overcome these challenges and find out how each member of the team can help the business become a success.

Fresco Fiasco

All you need for this activity is a large roll of paper, paints and a lot of creativity! The team will use their unique ideas and abilities to create a piece of wall art – a fresco – to be hung in their workplace. Not only is this a fun way to get to know everybody, it enables each member of staff to get involved in the decoration of their workspace.

My Flag

Getting to know each other is essential to a good work environment, and activities such as this one are perfect to break the ice. In this activity, each individual team member is given paper and craft materials and asked to create a flag that sums up their life and their goals. Whether they end up with a sky-blue flag covered in butterflies or something Ferrari-inspired, everyone’s flag will tell a story about who they are.

Guess Who?

This game needs patience and powers of deduction. Each player thinks of another member of their team and answers questions based on their life and job – but they can only answer yes or no. The aim is for the person asking the questions to guess who their opponent is pretending to be before they run out of time.

Mystery Madness

Ideal for small groups, this game needs a group of individuals willing to pretend they’ve been struck down with a mystery illness, with one person acting as a doctor. The doctor leaves the room and the patients all decide on an illness with a specific name – for example, they might have bull in a china shop syndrome, or car engine personality disorder. The doctor then returns and the patients have to answer diagnostic questions without being too helpful. The sillier the madness, the better, as it means more noise and confusion, making it harder for the doctor!

Selfie Roulette

Grab a camera or smartphone and get ready to take some of the worst selfies you’ve ever seen! The team sit in a circle and pass the camera, just like pass the parcel. Oh, and the camera has a timer set on it, so it will go off at the most inconvenient moment. The person with the camera now has to re-set the timer and it continues until time is up. The photos are then either a) laughed at and destroyed or b) printed out and stuck up around the office.


It’s amazing what a bit of rhythm can do. The energy created by a room full of boomwhackers is infectious and with the right instructor, your whole team will soon be boomwhacking their way to an afternoon of energised fun! Find out more about boomwhackers here.

The Life Game

This activity is all about sharing and getting to know your fellow co-workers. Each member of the team writes down three life events or activities on slips of paper and puts them into a bag. Then, everybody has a turn at picking an event and speaking about what they did – for example, if it says ‘university’, they might say they chose not to go. They are then asked to say whether they’d change that decision given what life experiences they’ve had. Keep it light-hearted and have fun getting to know your workmates!

Packing a Picnic

Sit your team around in a circle and ask the question, “what are you taking to the picnic?” Their answer will always begin with “I’m coming to the picnic and I’m bringing…” When it’s the next person’s turn, they must reply saying the items before them, and then add their own to the end of the list. By the end, you’ll have a really long list, and hopefully a big enough team to help carry all the picnic essentials!


Why not take the whole team out to make cocktails, if there aren’t many of them? Making delicious drinks is a fine art, and even if you’re opting for the non-alcoholic version, there’s a lot of fun to be had in learning the skill. Shake those mixers and get pouring! You could even create your own recipes and discuss choices at the end of the session. Cheers!

CSI: Workplace

Have you ever wanted to work on a crime scene? This activity gets your team invested in the details of a case, finding evidence and clues at a gory crime scene to figure out who would commit such a heinous crime. There’s a lot of room for fun additions to this game – why not use sweets and jelly as gory props and add red herrings in with the clues to make it more difficult?

Office Gossip

Just like Chinese whispers, this game relies on the power of gossip to power it. Unlike Chinese whispers though, this game also needs people to purposefully change the story. One player tells a fact about themselves. The rest of the team then pass this story on and change one tiny part of it. By the end, the story will be unrecognisable, and it’s time to work backwards to find out how even the smallest lie or embellishment can change the outcome completely.

Samba Drumming

Small groups can still make a big noise! Talented samba drummers can visit your workplace to give a workshop on the rhythms and techniques that make up a good samba drummer’s repertoire. By the end of the session, the whole team will be working together, playing their part in a full samba performance.


In this game, which was made famous by Radio 4’s ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’, a toastmaster is given the job of choosing a theme for the fancy ball they are hosting. It can be a food, a place, or even something as strange as TV shows. The toastmaster then begins, with the words, “I’d like to introduce Mr and Mrs xx and their son/daughter xxx” substituting the blanks with a name that suits the theme. Here’s an example. Theme: Food. “I’d like to introduce Mr and Mrs Chegg, and their son Scott.” The names match up to create Scotch Egg. This game can get ridiculous very fast and is ideal for an ice-breaker.

Head’s Up

Stand your team in a circle and pass a ball from person to person. When the ball is passed, the person must say the name of the person they are throwing it to. As the throwing and catching speeds up, people in the circle must also change places, making it harder to throw the ball and remember everyone’s names at short notice.

Dragon’s Den

Split your small team into smaller groups and give each group a random object. The groups then have to build an entire business pitch based on the item, and it has to be good to impress the ‘Dragons. The item can be used in a totally different way – for example, a stapler can become a unique door stop – but what is totally necessary is a great pitch, marketing materials and a convincing sales strategy. The groups can even make up a song like Levi Roots if they want to!

Sushi Time

Who doesn’t love sushi? This interactive workshop shows exactly how to make sushi, and works better as a small team activity. The sushi can be fish or vegetable, based on dietary requirements, and the creative nature of the task means individuals can get as crazy as they want with their ingredients and designs.

Advertising Experts

Split your team into two groups (or more if there are too many people for this to work.) Each group is given something to sell, to do with the company. The groups must come up with a great advert, either as a poster or a TV advert, to sell the product convincingly. The winning team is the team who managed to create an advert that everybody agreed was the best – it can be funny, serious or just really creative. Whatever works to sell the product!

Will you be trying any of these small team building ideas for yourself?

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