Spy Team Building Events

Spy Team Building Events

The latest Mission Impossible film is almost on our screens.

And if you look carefully, there are spies everywhere, not just in our news bulletins. To counteract this, maybe it’s time to get ready and become one yourself….

Here are the latest popular spy team building events to help you do just that!

Mission Impossible

Spy Team Building Event

Your mission: crack the codes, find the mole and save the day!

Impossible? There is no denying that the challenges ahead will be tough. But if your team combines the best tactical skills with strategic and cerebral thinking, there is hope for your Mission Impossible to succeed.

Evening Spy challenge

Spy team building

Make yourself comfortable, dinner is about to be served.

Oh! … but first, to get served, you have to crack the six-digit code, essential for the rest of the evening. Then, use your wits in the Evening Spy Challenge and spy on your colleagues amongst devious techniques to get the information you need …

Escape Games

Escape games

Escape Games offer a choice of tricky situations to escape from the plots made against your team:

In the Panic cell, institutionalised for a crime you didn’t commit, time is running out and you really need to find a way to escape before the staff returns…

Office Lockdown: Furious with your manager’s empty promises, angry clients storm your premises and hold a few of you captive …

Table Top Escape: tied together, you need to solve the challenges to have a chance to escape.

Not for the faint-hearted!

Enigma Project

spy team building

In Enigma Project, how will you fare at Bomb deactivation or axe throwing? Teams will be challenged on a plethora of spy challenges, one at a time…

Spy School

Spy School

But if you think your training is not up to scratch, maybe you could return to the basics and attend our Spy School ?

Set up as a treasure trail on any location of your choice, indoors or outdoors, decipher the codes, undertake discreet surveillance photography and identify secret locations to find out who killed the secret agent.

After so much choice, it’s a tough choice deciding which Spy team building event will suit you and your team!

Film Making

Film Making team building. Some gangsters posing.

Still hesitating? If following someone else’s plot is not for you, the best option is to bring in the superheroes and create your own mini blockbuster with Film Making! And now there is absolutely no reason not to bring a bit of spy flavour in your workplace!

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