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Team Building for Large Groups: Over 40 Ideas

So, you know you’d like to book onto a team building event at work – but where to begin? If you’re a large group and you’re worried there isn’t anything that’ll cater for you all, you’re wrong! There are plenty of quirky and fun team building events which will interest you and your team – and here are over 40 of our favourites. Read on and get ready to book the best working day you’ve ever had.

Cocktail Masterclass

Let’s start this list off with a surefire winner. Whether your team makes alcohol-free drinks or opts for an evening of classic cocktails, being taught how to blend and create delicious beverages by a professional mixologist is hard to beat. So, get ready to shake it!


Unleash your team’s inner BBC news team on the event that’ll make journalists out of even the quietest team members. Props, fancy dress and equipment is all provided – all you and your colleagues need to bring is your best non-regional dialect and that all-important nose for headline news.

Zombie Apocalypse

You set off for a day of friendly team-building and what happens? Zombies start roaming the earth. Typical! Teamwork is essential to survive in this game of obstacles and puzzles. Will your team make it?

Descriptive Art

How are your team’s communication skills? In this deceptively cryptic game, colleagues are split into teams of artists and critics. The critics have a picture to follow and artists are shielded from said critics. The artists are then asked to draw what the critics can see by the power of verbal communication alone. Do their ideas of what makes beautiful art match up?


The New Zealand rugby team instil fear into the hearts of their competitors with their ferocious traditional Maori haka. Bring the power of the Pacific into your office with a haka workshop and performance, guaranteed to bring out the leader in everyone.

Kings of the Jungle

Step one: get everyone in a room together. Step two: give everybody an animal card. Step three: let the games commence! There are two of each animal, and the aim of the activity for each pair to meet up by the end of the allotted time. How will they know which animal is which? Through the mediums of noise, movement and silliness.

Air Metal

There’s something about air guitar that gets everyone going. Your team will be split up into bands and each will choose a song to perform. When practice time is over, each band will perform their hit single – silently. The aim is to have everyone in the room agree on which song was performed.

The Leaning Towers

Create some engineering competition with this simple but effective game. Using a variety of materials, from rolled-up newspaper to spaghetti and jelly babies, teams will have to create not only the tallest tower but the most structurally sound. Will they stand up to the pressure?

Charity Fun Day

Enjoy a day together and do something good for your local community with a team-building exercise that gives back. From litter picking a local beauty spot to spending the day skill-swapping at a library, there’s no activity day that’s as rewarding as this one.

Bollywood Dreams

Dance the day away with a professional bhangra instructor who’ll show your team the moves from bedi to tunka. Arguably one of the most glamorous ways to dance, it’s also the most fun, too. Expect to laugh, sing along and shake those hips!

Coat of Arms

Design your own company coat of arms. In teams, discuss the values and goals of your company and create coats of arms that could be used to showcase the truth about what it means to be a valued member of the organisation.

Samba Drumming

Rhythm, fun and an upper body workout. What’s not to love? Get in touch with your tribal instincts and thump out your feels with professional Samba drummers who know exactly how to create the music of Brazil. Carnivale!

Dragon’s Den

Create the next multi-million pound idea with your team as you battle it out against each other to win that ever-important endorsement. Remember – any idea can be a good idea with the right marketing.

You’ve Been Framed

Who can create the funniest bloopers? Pair up or work in teams to create the funniest video clips – and be judged on the most realistic ‘accidents’. No-one was harmed during the creation of this team-building exercise.


“There’s been a murder!” Oh, actually, scratch that, it’s from a different TV show. A crime scene will appear in your venue. It’s up to your team to analyse the evidence and cross-examine the witnesses to find out who, what, when, where and how.

Pub Quiz

Is there anything better than a few rounds of general knowledge? Get together in teams to answer tricky questions on history, popular culture, films, sport, flags and countries and your own company. Bonus points awarded to the teams with the best names.

Formula Meeting Room One

Design and build racing cars from materials you’d find around the office – plus a few necessary extras like wheels provided by your chosen team building company. This activity is somewhere between soapbox racing and F1… without the engines. Ready, steady, go!

The Choir

Gather your angelic colleagues together and learn how to sing together in harmony in this activity that brings everyone together. It’s not the beauty of the voice that counts, but the ability to follow instruction from the singing teacher and to work as one, soulful choir.


You’re at Everest base camp. Your shelter needs to be built. Unfortunately, your goggles have frozen up and your partner’s been struck with frostbite and can no longer use their hands! This activity puts your teamworking ability to the test, as you rely on each other to create a useable place to sleep for the night.

Blanket Name Game

This game is ideal for newly formed teams who need to get to know each other fast. A blanket is held up in front of individuals and when dropped, the first person to shout their name correctly wins a point. Optional Difficult Mode: Add in a fun fact about the person as well as their name.

The Spy Who Helped Me

In this activity, you’re a spy, and you’re helping your fellow spy to reach the exit. Unfortunately, one of you is blindfolded and the room is full of lasers that will undoubtedly cut you in half if you break them! Guide your spy colleague to safety using simple directions.

Axe Throwing

If it was a good enough team building exercise for the Viking colleagues of Leif Ericsson, first European to reach America, it’s good enough for us. Throw axes at set targets and win prizes and the admiration of your team mates.

Cupcake decorating

The professional team building company provides the sweet stuff, you provide the creative ideas. Ice your cupcakes to perfection after seeing how a pro does it and add your own unique twist. Even better – this activity involves eating cake as well as decorating it.

Bomb Deactivation

There’s a bomb in the room! Don’t worry, there are also clues to figure out the deactivation code. All you have to do is work together to figure it out and make the decision to punch in the code at the end. Who will you pick to cut the last wire? And will it be blue or red?

Pig Racing

Organised in your workplace or in a venue of your choice, the pigs don’t come to you, instead you bet on virtual pigs racing safely inside a virtual world. A fun and slightly barmy night, why not make it a wild west themed event with big prizes?

Giant Chess

The King’s game is for the strategists, but large-scale it’s harder to see the moves play out. Make it anyone’s game with rapid rounds and even replace the pieces with your own colleagues!


Re-enact the most impressively-choreographed graveyard ever committed to film with your team mates on this dancing and dress-up team building activity. ‘Cos this is Thriller! Thriller night! And no-one’s gonna let you get out of not wearing face paint.

Circle of Silence

One person is selected to stand in the middle of the circle wearing a blindfold, the objective of the challenge is for the rest of the group to pass a selected object (such a tin with marbles in) around the circle without making any noise.

Winky Murder

A playschool classic. The team goes to ‘sleep’ and one ‘murderer’ is chosen by an umpire. The murderer’ then carefully picks off their victims one by one, until it’s time for the rest of the team to open their eyes and see their friends who haven’t woken up. The ‘murderer’ then continues their spree by winking at victims, until they are caught by the remaining team mates.

Perfect Square

In this activity, the team must form a perfect square using rope while blindfolded. Sound easy – we promise it’s a lot harder than it sounds! Remember, this is ‘perfect square’, not ‘perfect multi-angled shape from outer-space.’

Newspaper Towers

Build the tallest tower in teams from only newspaper. Rolled, ripped or flattened, it can be used in any way in any design, but the only other item can be tape.

Crystal Maze

You can hear the theme tune already, can’t you? Help your teammates through the challenges and try to beat your challengers while the clock ticks. Whether your strength is in physical activity or mental agility, there are always tasks that cover the full range of talents used in your workplace.

Office Olympics

On your marks, get set, go! A variety of silly sports including the backwards long-jump and speed hopscotch will sort out the champions from the cheaters in this extremely fun team building exercise. It’s especially good outside on a warm summer’s day.

Move Tennis Balls

Help your team race against the clock to retrieve and move as many tennis balls from one bucket to another. There’s one slight catch. You can’t use your hands or arms.

Lost on a Desert Island

The game starts with a shipwreck. Your whole team has been washed up on a desert island. Each person has one important personal possession with them and will share their reasons as to why they’ve chosen it to be their can’t-live-without-it item. Then, each shipwrecked colleague will pair up with somebody else whose item can be combined with theirs to create something even more useful.

It’s a Knockout

Get your silliest sportswear on and get ready for a day of impossible feats, whether that’s climbing giant inflatables or trying to keep hold of a bucking bronco. Nobody loses – everyone’s a winner!

Pizza Time

Get creative with your cookery skills as you choose the toppings for a delicious pizza based on your favourite flavours. An activity covered in melted cheese that you can eat. Music to our ears!

The Craft Beer Bar

Could you create and run a craft beer bar that turns a profit? Create a business plan, take out a loan to cover the initial costs and then try to make money from it while unexpected costs come your way. Will your bar be a success?

The Trust Game

An oldie but a goodie. Can be done one-on-one or as a team. An individual stands with their back to their colleague/s and falls back. All their teammates need to do is catch them. It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds!

Name That Tune

One person starts off, humming a famous song – it can be a song or a theme tune. As soon as somebody else realises what it is, they join in. The idea is to have the whole room singing together by the end of the song.

Would I Lie to You?

Each team member writes down two facts and a lie about themselves. They have to stand up and tell each fact – or fiction – as convincingly as possible. The winner is the person who manages to fool the most amount of people.

Poetry Slam

In rapidfire rounds, you’ll work together to write poems about life, the world and your career which you’ll perform to the crowd – aka. your colleagues. Bonus points are awarded for creativity, humour, rhyming ability and performance. Props are provided.

Will you be giving any of this large group team building events a go?


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