Team building for schools

//Team building for schools

Team building for schools

Most schools at all levels have staff inset training days and we are regularly called upon to deliver team building activities as part of these days. Many are held at the school premises to keep costs down but sometimes at hotels away from the schools as well.

Some staff days require a level of training rather than team building and we have successfully used some of our Business Simulation games such as the  Communication is the Key. More often the request is for events that engender a team spirit and activities like  Masterpiece and Comic Connections have proven very popular.

This is as relevant for academies, colleges and universities which have big staff numbers working over a wide area and where communication is a constant issue and we have worked with many such clients over the years.

But what about the students and pupils themselves? Can they benefit from taking part in team building activities? For sure they can and we have worked with one particular school for the last 7 years in delivering an annual team building day for their sixth formers. Schools as well as corporates don’t keep coming back and spending money unless they see a real benefit do they?

We have found the most successful formula to be our Krypton Factor  challenges. These are a series of 20-minute tasks, some physical and some mental. The main advantage we have found is that it keeps them moving around with little time to lose focus and attention. It also allows opportunities to have different pupils leading the teams at the various challenges. This way not only team work but leadership skills and time management issues can be addressed if appropriate.

School team building

And finally here’s a thought. All this can be done at the school premises making use of sports halls and outside ground and worked around normal school hours. So no interruption to a normal school day and no extra venue hire fees.

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