Where does training stop and team building start?

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Where does training stop and team building start?

We were facilitating a team building event recently in Southampton, following a trainer who had been working with the team in the morning. The client had chosen our popular and dynamic Challenge 100 activity to put a bit of oomph into the afternoon after a heavy morning.

Maybe that last sentence sums it all up quite nicely! What we supply as an event management company that specialises in team building activities is a fun environment in which teams of people can engage fully with each other. What we see quite clearly, time and time again, is that the more trivial the tasks the more engaged the participants become. Do you know the most popular challenge in that event on Monday? Make an elephant out of play dough!

The trainer’s morning task was to put across clear learning messages, develop specific skills, draw out any team problems and try if possible to start resolving them. We do not attempt to do any of that. In fact it is quite difficult to review and assess after many of our events… there is after all only so much to say about play dough elephants! But what we do facilitate effectively is a fun environment where fellow work colleagues can have fun and develop relationships that will help them work effectively as teams in the workplace.

However, there is one area where we do approach that training aspect, a grey area that involves business simulation games. We use the Northgate Training packages and have found them an ideal fit with our team building portfolio. They are easy to learn and facilitate but very accurate in their learning messages. Personally I find Communication is the Key, Decisions Decisions and The Wine Bar Game excellent simulations that very much “do as they say on the tin”.

So there you go. Don’t expect to come away from team building exercises with new skills but do expect to have a lot of fun and come away with some new friends!

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