Why You Shouldn’t Fear Team Building Events

//Why You Shouldn’t Fear Team Building Events

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Team Building Events

Argghh, the dreaded, corporate team building event. But ask yourself this: ‘why do you dread it?’ The chances are, it’s simply to do with the ‘fear of the unknown’; once you dive in, you’ll realise the water’s a lot more inviting than you first thought.

Okay, so team building events aren’t about plunging into water – not usually, anyway. But they are about taking the plunge, metaphorically speaking. If you’d like to get the most out of the event your boss has organised, you really must embrace it. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t fear team building events:

You’ll Form Stronger Bonds

So, this is an obvious one – but it’s true. If you just can’t seem to get along with ‘Catty Cath’ in accounts, or your line manager is getting on your last nerve, you may find you come away from a team building event feeling more prepared to tackle the working week. After all, great communication is key – not just at work but outside of it – and if you can face a challenge or two head-on with those you’re not so fond of, you may find that the tough stuff at work becomes much easier to handle. Som go on; give it your all and you might surprise yourself – and your colleagues.

You May Learn Something New About Yourself

Perhaps you don’t think you’re great under pressure? Or maybe you see yourself as someone with very little patience. Chuck yourself into your corporate team building event and it may reveal a side of you that you didn’t even know you had. Again, get ready to put your all into the day and you’ll get more out of it.

They’re a (Welcome) Day Away from the Office

Mountain of paperwork on your desk? Escape it for a day or two and enjoy some time in the Great Outdoors. When the same four walls of the workplace are getting you down, a team away day can seem like a welcome change. Make sure you pack appropriately and vow to get stuck in. Your paperwork can wait – and you may feel better able to handle it once you return to the office.

You’ll Develop New Skills

As well as discovering and nurturing traits you didn’t know you had, you’ll also be able to work on a new set of skills. Corporate team building events can include everything from indoor activities – like cooking and baking – to outdoor pursuits. You may hit on the fact that underneath your hardened ‘business man/woman’ exterior, you’re actually an expert cupcake maker. Or you may discover a passion for paintballing. At the very least you’ll have a fun day out with your workmates, so take that corporate team building event for what it is.

You’ll Be in Safe Hands

When you sign up for a team away day, you really will be in safe hands. Those who organise corporate team building events have probably been doing it for years, and they’ll know exactly how to get the most out of the introverted staff, and give extroverted team members a chance to hand over the reins, as it were (and a spot in the limelight) to someone else. Organisers know how to ensure a great day is had by all, and if event feedback is anything to go by, you’ll return to the office with a smile on your face.

Everyone’s in the Same Boat

Team building events are designed to get everyone working together, playing to each other’s skills, and developing and nurturing staff’s weaknesses. When you remember that you’re all in it together, you’ll be more open to enjoying the experience that bit more. So take the plunge and you’ll be glad you did.

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